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Fun in October 

September is coming to an end and October has lots of fun ahead. Washboard Rodeo will be performing at New Orleans Swing Dance Festival Oct 1 at Ace Hotel. I'll be going to Spokane to play with Hot Club of Spokane  and a separate gig with Hawkeye Herman. Looking forward to these gigs as Spokane hosted members of the Bugs years ago for some great shows and Hawkeye is an old friend from Mississippi Valley Blues Fest days. Tin Men go in to record our new cd mid October with some new originals and some surprises. Sea shanties with Valparaiso Men's Chorus will be happening at Saturn Bar and also a private event. Have gigs with old pals Linnzi Zaorski and John Rankin, then off to Barbados for our annual well deserved vacation. In between, all my bands regular gigs will be happening when I'm not booked elsewhere. Hope to see ya at one or more of these fun shows!!

Still Hot!! 

As we head into September, it's still hot in New Orleans! Doesn't stop us from all our regular gigs because there is cool air in all! Tin Men will be back at dba on Wednesdays, Da Bugs will be off the first Sunday of the month at dba, then back for the rest of the month, Blues Trio at Spotted Cat and Blue Nile keep on chugging along. Mixing Palmetto Bug Stompers cd and sounding great. Will be out by November, in time for Christmas presents! Lots of cds and shirts available online, so check them out here. See ya soon!!

Hot Times in the City!! 

Well, had a great time in Italy and Switzerland with Paul Venturi and the Junkers. I'll be with them next summer over there for sure! Back in da heat! Blues Trio's Spotted Cat and Blue Nile keep right on chugging along. Tin Men take Wednesday off for August, but will be at dba a couple of Sundays at 9. Palmetto Bug Stompers hitting at dba on Sundays an hour earlier (5). New music from da Bugs waiting to be mixed, Tin Men threatening a new recording, possible Washboard Rodeo new offering.... lots of balls in the air. It's hot, clubs a little slower, hotels and restaurants a little cheaper, if you're from out of town, might as well come and be in town! Locals, Frenchmen not too crowded, so hope to see your face in da place!

On the move in June! 

Summer has hit New Orleans and time to get out of town for a bit. Tin Men will be in Chicago at Space and at our annual show in Osh Kosh, both with Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show. A few days later, I'm of to Europe for shows in Italy and Switzerland with Paul Venturi and the Junkers. The Blues Trio performs at the Tomato Fest in New Orleans. Palmetto Bugs Stompers are in the studio recording their fifth cd. Sounding great, so far, and look for a release late 2017. Blues Trio and Da Bugs have some regular gigs in June. Come July we'll all be here in New Orleans, sweating it out with y'all. See you at the clubs and festivals!!

Jazz Fest almost over and summer awaits! 

Had a good Jazz Fest time, even though Tin Men got rained out at the Fest and it rained for most of Chaz Fest. All my bands get back to their regular weekly gigs this week. Tin Men will heading up to Chicago and I'll be in Italy with Paul Venturi and the Junkers, both in June. More on that in next post.

Spring is in the air 

Gearing up for fest season. As usual, all y bands have their regular gigs. Tin Men play a new venue, Ace Hotel, March 15. The Blues Trio play Pirogues Whisky Bar anniversary. Washboard Rodeo plays at Three Muses March 20. The weather is fine, hope to see you in the clubs

Happy Mardi Gras! 

Super Bowl is over and it's time to turn attention to Mardi Gras. All my bands have their regular gigs with Blues Trio at Blue Nile during Krewe du Vieux! Earlier that day, Tin Men will be opening a new bakery in the Bywater. I'll be performing with Smokey Greenwell at the beautifully restored Carver Theater. Great news, all four of my bands are in French Quarter Fest AND, Tin Men and Palmetto Bug Stompers are playing Jazz Fest. These dates are up on the site,more info to come. See you in the clubs or at a parade!!

Carnival season upon us 

Hope everyone had a good holiday season and now it's time for Mardii Gras! All my bands have their regular shows on Frenchmen Street. Tin Men will help open a new bakery in the Bywater and I'll be performing at the historic Carver Theater as part of the Monday Blues Series. Festival updates will be up soon, so keep checking the site. See y'all at the shows!!

Holiday Season 

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!1 I'll be in Italy from Dec 5-13 performing with Paul Venturi and the Junkers, looking forward to that! All my bands have their regular shows this month. Tin Men will also play a holiday show at Harrah's Casino. We're wrapping up 2016 and should have more fun coming up in 2017!!

Getting Busy 

Had a great vacation in Barbados, now back to the shows. All my bands have their regular gigs this month. Couple of weddings with Tin Men this month. The Blues Trio will be NCIS New Orleans Tuesday Nov. 15 on CBS. We got bumped a couple of times for World Series and the election, but ready to play some music on tv.It's lovely weather in New Orleans these days, hope to see you at the shows!!

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